Monday, July 20, 2015


Clothing! What a novel idea!

While it's only a single picture, Ellie finally drew more than just a head with arms and legs. She drew herself in the dress that she was wearing while drawing herself. Anyway, here is this week with a handful that are from last week possibly. Ellie shoved some new drawings in the desk drawer and mixed them together with ones that were already scanned and posted and we just found them.

Ellie wearing a pink dress playing on the street

Daddy is sad

Mommy with Zelda under her pants dancing

Mommy pooping


Ellie and Mommy with wiggly legs

Daddy stuck in snow on a snowman

Andrew wearing headphones under the sun in the rain
 I'm not sure who Andrew is, but he is a recurring character in her drawings

Grandpa and a tree and Ellie singing

Ellie taking away Zelda's toys

Daddy is sad because he hurt his leg and has bug bites everywhere
 I think this was actually Daddy holding Ellie and Zelda's hands



Ellie happy with a booboo

Nana with hair on her head

Ellie going lots of pee pee

Sad Ellie going lots of rainbow pee pee

Polka dots


The sun is starting to cry

 Ellie started "school" with Jocelyn and this was one of her school activities. She's getting really good at writing letters now.

Pigs with balloons

Ellie with sad Zelda in her raincoat


Three suns

Dad with A's on his head

Ellie with Cat

Ellie with Cat with and erased tail

Poom poom poom with a mouse on a string

Ellie with baby Ellie and it's starting to rain

Emily with what appears to be bilateral hemorrhages on her head
The next three are Zelda's. I asked Ellie what they are.

Twirly twirly twirly

A curl

And finally, here are some Ellie stories

Coke the Coke
Coke the coke vroomed out of the way slowly
And Coke the coke went ploov and ploov

Cherrdy Cherry
Cherrdy Cherry yelled real loud, like this,"Aaaaa!"
Then she went,"puh puh."
And she said,"T, T, T."
And she said,"B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B."
And her grandpa was lost.
And her mother is lost.
And they came back.

Waat the Guak the Guak
"My teeth are sharp today."
"Ooops, I have to brush my teeth."
"Brusha brusha brusha brush."
"There! My teeth are all clean, guak."
"And I could say ah ah ah ah. See?"
"Oh! I forgot to play play play play play play play play."
And he singed a song that's called,
"Painks and gloaks and gleets and gleets."
"And I giggle giggle giggle giggle."
"And I like to sing a song that's called,"
"And and and and and and and and and."

Kwa Kwa kwa kwa
Once upon a time, Kwa Kwa the kwa kwa said,"lum a lum a lum."
And she said,"wee wee wee wee wee wee wee wee."
And she said,"mim."
And her grandpa was there.
And her grandma was there too.
But she ran away.
And she said,"It colors, roots, punnies, doodahlooda doodeedoodee."

Joja Joja
He said,"That's a blanket, not a stool."

Hit the ball
Hit the ball hitted the ball.
And he hit it so far away.
And he said,"shh shh."
Then I hit the ball far away and it rolled and rolled and rolled.

Roar and his family
"Roar! It jeeks and jots and jots."
"And I am a baby."
"And I can joja."
"D is a word for dad."
"And I get out and I am a big boy."

Monday, July 13, 2015


The first of many weekly posts

Alright, so Monday seems like a good day for this weekly thing. Here are Ellie's drawings and stories from the week and two that I found from Zelda. Zelda's art can be trickier to locate sometimes because she carries it away or eats it or is actually just coloring in our books or on my face. She's very post-modern.

 These first two are Zelda's.

The rest are Ellie's
Two trees
Mom, Ellie, and Zelda pooping
Cat, Ostrich, Goat, and Chicken (Jocelyn actually drew most of the chicken)
Ellie singing
Ellie and Zelda
Ellie with a leaf and poop
Baby Zelda with wiggly hair
Zelda and Mommy with the sun going down
Scary Ellie
Ellie saying E, E, E, E, E
"Some of them have flags"
Ellie in a tent under the stars with a magic star that can turn colors
Ellie and the sky and it's starting to rain
Cat, Mommy, and Ellie at almost nighttime
Ellie with veins starting to fall down
Ellie running onto the sun
Ellie dancing outside
Ellie and Zelda playing with balloons with Zelda at the tippity tippity top
The sun
Ellie being happy
Ellie and Mom. Mom is pooping.
Daddy with birthday cake
 These ones (above and below) were part of my birthday card she made me yesterday.

Shark and baby daddy
 Ellie: It's a shark dad! 
Me: Awesome! What's that on its face? 
Ellie: That's his beard!

Mom with a bleeding head wound
 Jocelyn had a small scratch or something one day, so of course that influenced Ellie's art.

Ellie with a bleeding head wound

Ellie under a blanket with an ouchie
Somebody and the sun
Zelda and Ellie with a booboo
Dad, Mom, Ellie, and possibly Zelda
The water
Crazy guy with lots of fingers
Ellie and Mom

Ellie wanted to tell me stories and have me write them down one day last week during bath time.

Clemon the Cup
She said,"gollinanganijeau."
And she gulped and gulped under the water.
And she popped the balloons under the water.
And she said,"ouioaeeoahooiauuh."
And she swimmed and found her brother.
She swimmed so fast and found her chicken.
Then she danced and splashed and said,"ahhaha uhuhhuh ahhaha, splash."

Manjin and Bock
They're the best hoppers.
"We can jump real high and splash, splash, splash."
"Manjin. Do you want to go under water?"
"No. I'm sorry Bock."
"But now I want to go under water."

Kanjou the water
Kanjou the water swashed and swashed.
Then kanjou the water swashed slow and slower.
Then faster.
And goed swishy.
What's that?
The water is singing a song.
"In a sunny day,"
"It rates and colors, hey."
"Jolly and gunce and gunce."
Then Kanjou the water tanced it's tail.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z
Now I know my ABC's; next time won't you sing with me.