Thursday, July 9, 2015


A proud father

Now that I am finally all caught up with Ellie's art, I think I will try to do weekly posts with everything from the week starting tomorrow. We'll see how well that goes. But first... this.

Just as the title of this post suggests, this week marks a proud milestone in the Thomas home. As you know, Ellie can spell a handful of words very well; cat, dog, mom, dad, Ellie, and maybe one or two more. This Wednesday, however, I stumbled upon a new word that she wrote down all by herself without any prompts or anything. Not surprisingly it is one of her very favorite words, a word that she uses with great care to make any conversation classy. Behold, its majesty!

Cat pooping
Centuries from now, when art historians look back on our day, I expect that this piece will be treasured as one of the most influential and moving works ever made.


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