Monday, July 6, 2015


A bunch of Ellie drawings

Here's just a bunch of Ellie drawings and a couple paintings. Also some of the first words that she learned how to spell.


"Ellie and Mommy waiting for their mommies"                        "Zelda"                             

"Ellie and Emily"




 "Ellie with lots of fingers"                                     "A big E"               
"Mommy who's sick" or "Emily who's sad"
"Somebody wearing a weird mask" 

 "Ellie taking a shower"                                "Buzz with everybody" 

"Daddy wearing microphones"                     "Ellie and Zelda looking sad"


                           "Grandpa and his chair"                "Happy Emily wearing lots of fingers"              

"Daddy, Mommy, Ellie, and baby Ellie" 
Daddy is in the top left with blue veins all over his face and the brown things are all of our elbows
"Alien saying, 'ahh! sun go down!'"

"Andrew and the sun"                              "Covered in my math" 

"Cat the cat and Zelda under a rain cloud"                  "Ellie with the sun"                   

"Lallie"                                                 "Pulley the tree"

"Cat the cat" 

"The green sun"                                      "Pulley the superhero"


"Ellie and Zelda"                                     "A math problem"

"Daddy and Ellie"                                           "A scary guy"



I don't remember who is in this one but the blue stuff is rain



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