Monday, July 6, 2015


The last couple days

As the title suggests, these are Ellie's from the last few days. Three year olds have such a sophisticated sense of humor.

Daddy and Mommy going in the kitchen, and Ellie outside

A popping balloon

"peepee, so much peepee, look at all that peepee"
Ellie's veins and blood

Daddy blowing his hair

Ellie singing
Sydney with Ellie and Zelda
"It's good news that I have my hat."
"It's good news that I'm in the sun."
"It's good news that I'm at my house."

Aubrey, Mikaela, Brynn and a leaf
Ellie counting her toes

Grandma, Sydney, Ellie, Zelda. With Mommy and Daddy going on vacation
Daddy, Chris, Martin playing with balloons
A giant poop
Cat, Ellie, and Mom

Owl and a teeny cat in a tree with one egg that didn't hatch yet
Ellie, the trees, and some poop
Zelda dancing under mommy's dress and Ellie to the side
ellie and a very big coat
ellie on top of daddy's head with zelda and mommy

tiffany with brynn who's hiding in her long blanket


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