About the Artists

Ellie is currently 3 and a half year old. She loves drawing, painting, storytelling, reading, math, running, adventuring, animals, and just being silly. Her favorite color is green and all colors, she prefers to do most things in the nude, and poop is just about the funniest thing there is right now.

Zelda is currently 1 and a half years old. She loves playing dress-up, playing with baby dolls, animals, daddy's phone, running, dancing, bath time, and copying her sister's every move. She is becoming proficient at climbing, hiding, and escaping. Ask her what her favorite thing she did on any given day and her answer will be "doggies".

Daddy (the editor) loves his girls more than anything and is extremely proud of how awesome and talented they both are. He also thinks that he will perhaps get a few cool parent points to help out during the teenage years by starting this now.
 Last updated 7/6/2015