Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I've created a monster

Ellie is really excited about having her drawings on the computer, so much so that she is drawing dozens of pictures every day now! She really likes to help me scan them into the computer too. I love her excitement, but I do hope she slows down a bit so I can keep up. Anyway, all of these are from 7/6/15.

Ellie and mom

Ellie by a Christmas tree and someone in a tent

Ellie, Dad, and Mom


Ellie and Mom

Ellie going lots of peepee

Ellie and cat

The sun going down and someone in a tent

Ellie and Mom

Sad Dad

Ellie by a tree with leaves falling down

It's starting to rain

Dad and Zelda with and without balloons
This is a more complex piece. Dad is on the top showing sad dad with his balloon floating away and happy dad with his balloon in hand. Zelda is on the bottom and is also sad with her balloon floating away and happy with her balloon in hand. Her balloon is a two-headed balloon. Also, I'm pretty sure Ellie is also by Zelda with a balloon.


"Brynn is soooo tiny!"


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